Investor Relations

Unsere transparente Kommunikation unterstützt Aktionäre und
Investoren verantwortungsvoll bei der Beurteilung unserer Aktie.


We issue a range of publications which can keep you better informed about 11880 Solutions group.

Annual Reports

Annual reports

Enhanced transparency through extensive information disclosure is the aim of our financial statements. The figures and information they contain provide a full picture of 11880 group as well as 11880 Solutions AG.

Since 1999 our financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the US GAAP accounting principles. We also provide additional information required by the German Commercial Code (Handelsgesetzbuch, HGB). Starting in fiscal year 2005, 11880 Solutions AG has switched to IFRS accounting principles.

Interim Reports
Analyst Presentations

In the following, we offer so-called cyber-presentations containing audio-recordings of our Managment Board to promptly track our conference calls.

You need a RealPlayer or Windows MediaPlayer for the replays. The configuration of your firewall may prevent you from listening to or watching the recordings!

Current presentation

Conference Call: Publication 3-month report 2018
May 8, 2018
Christian Maar (CEO)
Webcast: Publication 3-month report 2018

Conference call held in German


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